Why Same-Day Dental Crowns are the Future of Restorative Dentistry

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Why Same-Day Dental Crowns are the Future of Restorative Dentistry

same-day dental crowns

Dental crowns have long been a staple in restorative dentistry, providing a reliable solution for patients with damaged or weakened teeth. Traditionally, getting a dental crown required multiple visits to the dentist and a waiting period of several weeks. However, recent advances in dental technology have made it possible to receive a custom-made crown in just one appointment. This innovation, known as same-day dental crowns, is becoming increasingly popular among patients and dental professionals alike. Here, we’ll explore the reasons why these crowns are poised to become the future of restorative dentistry.

Time-Efficient Treatment

Traditional dental crowns typically require at least two appointments: one for tooth preparation and impression-taking, and another for crown placement after the dental lab has fabricated the restoration. This process can take several weeks, leaving patients with temporary crowns that may be uncomfortable or prone to dislodgement.

In contrast, same-day crowns streamline the entire process, allowing dentists to prepare the tooth, create the crown, and place it all within a single appointment. This eliminates the need for temporary crowns and significantly reduces the amount of time patients must spend in the dental chair.

Advanced Dental Technology

The advent of Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology has made same-day crowns possible. This cutting-edge technology allows dentists to take digital impressions of the patient’s mouth, design the crown using specialized software, and fabricate the restoration using an in-office milling machine. The result is a custom-fitted crown that is ready for placement in just a matter of hours.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Dental crowns often use high-quality ceramic materials that closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth. The CAD/CAM technology used in their fabrication also allows for more precise colour-matching, ensuring that the crown blends seamlessly with the patient’s surrounding teeth. As a result, patients can enjoy a more natural-looking smile and improved self-confidence.

Cost-Effective Solution

While the upfront cost of the same-day procedure of crown may be slightly higher than traditional crowns, the long-term benefits often outweigh this difference. By eliminating the need for multiple appointments and temporary crowns, patients save time and money on transportation, missed work, and additional dental procedures.


Same-day dental crowns offer a multitude of advantages over traditional dental crowns, making them an increasingly attractive option for both patients and dental professionals. With their time-efficient treatment, advanced dental technology, enhanced aesthetics, and cost-effective nature, it’s no wonder that these crowns are becoming the future of restorative dentistry.