What Happens During A Routine Dental Checkup?

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July 23, 2018
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What Happens During A Routine Dental Checkup?

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A routine dental checkup is very healthy for teeth and helps in maintaining oral health. According to a research, people from developed countries like Canada who visit their dentists are 80% once a year at least for the regular checkup. A regular checkup means visiting your dentist even if you think your oral health is good enough. It helps in finding out complexities at early stages if there are any. Here are what happens at dental clinic ST Kilda when you go for a routine checkup:

·         Go through receptionist

Before seeing your dentist, you have to meet the receptionist in order to confirm your appointment. Tell the receptionist that you have an appointment and she will let you in. otherwise, you have to wait for your number if you arrived without an appointment. Also, you can ask for notifications for the next time so that you get alerts an hour before your checkup time.

·         Meet your CDA

A certified dental assistant is a hygienist and is an expert in checking your oral hygiene. The next person you will meet after the receptionist is your CDA. A CDA will spend more time with you then the dentist himself. Most of your problems will be solved by CDA. There’s a difference between both. A hygienist takes control of your dental care such as assisting dentists, regular cleaning. Their duty is to keep your oral health at its best. A CDA is not for the cleanup work like hygienist they assist dentists in doing excellent preparation for the work during the procedure. Go for teeth whitening St.Kilda.

·         History goes through

After all this, the dentist goes through your oral care history and sees through all the things they have suggested. This is important as oral health should be monitored. The main purpose of going through the record is to see the improvement and what else a person needs in order to improve the dental health.

·         Teeth cleaning

Now, if you need teeth cleaning, the procedure will be started. The CDA will start preparation and the dentist or the hygienist himself will take care of the cleaning job as directed by the dentist.

·         Examining teeth

Teeth examination after the cleaning process is important. The dentist himself will examine your teeth to check if they need any more attention or work. After checking your teeth, the dentist will suggest you the medicine if needed.